Ryan Giggs Trial Pushed Back Due to Lack of Court Space

Chad North

Ryan Giggs, a famous Welsh soccer player, was set to face trial Monday over accusations of coercive behavior and assault against his ex-girlfriend. However, the court decided to delay the trial until August 8 due to a lack of court space. Giggs’ lawyer, Chris Daw, told reporters that the former …

Historical Cases: How Marbury v. Madison Established Judicial Review 

Chad North

The Supreme Court’s power of judicial review allows it to deem legislation or executive actions as unconstitutional. This power wasn’t granted to the Supreme Court through the Constitution, though: it comes from an 1803 court decision in the case of Marbury versus Madison. The case’s defining decision upheld the belief …

Russia’s Oldest Human Rights Group Shut Down by Court Order

Chad North

The Russian Supreme Court has ordered Memorial, the country’s oldest human rights organization, to liquidate. The group’s goals included recovering the memories of the people who were persecuted during the Soviet era. The group ran afoul of Russian laws regarding its social media posts, as it failed to mark posts …

Court Keeps Federal Eviction Moratorium in Place

Chad North

The Supreme Court has delivered another surprising result, continuing to defy expectations some had for the heavily conservative-appointed bench. On Wednesday, the court declined to strike down the ongoing federal moratorium on evictions. The eviction moratorium was set in place in March of 2020 as a way to combat the …

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