Supreme Court Decision Further Narrows Distance Between Church and State

Chad North

The Supreme Court’s current session has been politically divisive. As some commentators note that the court could soon face a legitimacy crisis, the court steps further and further out of sync with the majority of Americans. In the court’s latest case, it finds that a Washington school district violated the …

Controversial Attorney Michael Avenatti to Plead Guilty 

Chad North

Attorney Michael Avenatti, a controversial public figure who repeatedly clashed with former President Donald Trump, plans to plead guilty to stealing millions from his clients. Avenatti struck a nerve on social media during the Trump presidency as a firebrand agitator, constantly picking up verbal fights with Trump and his political …

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Mark McCloskey Case

Chad North

Missouri lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey made headlines in June of 2020 when they appeared outside their St. Louis home during a Black Lives Matter protest. The married couple both carried weapons and were photographed addressing the protest members, sparking swift backlash online. The pair both received disciplinary action from …

Russian Soldier in First War Crimes Trial Faces Life in Prison

Chad North

A Russian soldier was found guilty of war crimes in the first trial of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. A 21-year-old tank commander, Vadim Shishimarin, pleaded guilty to claiming the life of Oleksandr Shelipov in Chupakhivka on February 28. This crime took place only four days after the Russian invasion …

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