Britney Spears Returns to Court in Continuing Conservatorship Battle


Social media is abuzz with support for Britney Spears in her continuing legal battle with her father over a court-ordered conservatorship. Britney Spears argues the conservatorship has been humiliating and over the line for years. The pop star has been the subject of considerable discussion on social media during the ongoing legal battle, which has seen many people express sympathy for the star as she fights to secure control of her own destiny.

The conservatorship was originally put into place 13 years ago, and gave Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, complete control over her image, her estate, and her musical career. Originally, the conservatorship was intended to protect Britney Spears’ professional image. A series of high-profile “breakdowns,” including an incident where Spears shaved her head before making public appearances, gave the public the perception that she was experiencing psychological distress.

Original Court Ruling

The 2008 court ruling gave Jamie Spears extremely tight legal control over his daughter’s activities, both personal and professional. She has had little say over her own musical career in the years since the ruling, and Jamie Spears has been vilified in social media for his role in the arrangement.

The case against Jamie Spears that seeks to undo the conservatorship is based on evidence that Spears has been monitoring his daughter’s personal life in granular detail. He has allegedly bugged Britney’s phone, screens her texts and emails, and even reportedly put a listening device in the singer’s bedroom.

Most of these allegations were covered at length in a recently released documentary called Controlling Britney Spears, produced by the New York Times. Spears herself stated that the film was unusual to her, noting in an Instagram post “I must say I scratched my head a couple of times!!! I really try to disassociate myself from the drama!!!”

Jamie Spears Fights for His Role

For his own part, Jamie Spears has argued that his actions were completely acceptable within the terms of the conservatorship. He has argued that it would be unwise to let Britney out of the conservatorship completely and that a transition period is needed to hand over the management of her business from himself to a music industry manager.

Support for Britney in recent months has resulted in media coverage of the situation and rollbacks on some of the most draconian of Spears’ restrictions. She can now drive her own car, for instance, and has stated that she recently got her own tablet, something she’s been unable to do for years.

Recently, Britney Spears announced her engagement to her boyfriend and personal trainer, Sam Asghari, though she has noted that the two are signing prenuptial papers to preserve Spears’ finances in the event that the couple breaks up.