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Cristiano Ronaldo Files Court Documents

Football Star Cristiano Ronaldo Files to Dismiss Rape Case

Cristiano Ronaldo, Serie A forward for the Juventus Football Club and captain for the Portuguese national team, filed court documents on October 14 requesting a United States judge in Las Vegas to dismiss rape allegations from Kathryn Mayorga.

In September 2018, Ms. Mayorga filed a lawsuit against Ronaldo stating that the football star had raped her at the Palm Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas ten years ago in June 2009. Ronaldo denied the allegations and has always considered their sexual relations as consensual.

Attorneys Want 2010 Confidential Agreement Voided

Rather than prosecute Ronaldo, Ms. Maygora signed a non-disclosure agreement in January 2010, in which she received $375,000 in a “hush-money” settlement. But in September of last year, she breached her agreement and told her story to Der Spiegel, a German weekly news publication located in Hamburg.

Ms. Mayorga accused Ronaldo of conspiracy, defamation, breach of contract, coercion, and fraud. Her attorneys want to void the 2010 agreement and collect an additional $200,000 for damages.

Ms. Mayorga Blames PTSD for Signing Agreement

According to the lawsuit filed by attorneys, Ms. Mayorga admitted that she was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and should never have signed the agreement in January 2010. She mentioned that she was “not fit” to make such a decision.

According to court documents, Ms. Mayorga experienced “intrusive thoughts, extreme anxiety, and fearfulness” in the middle of the negotiations with Ronaldo’s lawyers. Her attorneys also stated that she “lacked the legal capacity to sign a non-disclosure agreement” at the time.

Ronaldo’s Attorneys Scoff at ‘Insane’ Angle

Ronaldo’s attorneys immediately dismissed Ms. Mayorga’s claims saying that there were no indications that she was “insane” or incapable of making an informed decision.

“Glaringly absent from the Complaint is any reference to the manifestation of these diagnoses in Plaintiff’s everyday life and their impact on her ability to manage her affairs,” the attorney’s statement read. “These allegations are insufficient to support finding that Plaintiff was insane.”

Court documents also state that “the only therapist to actually see Plaintiff during 2009 and 2010, declines to offer any opinion as to Plaintiff’s competence or legal capacity to enter into the SCA.”

A hearing date has not been determined to address Ronaldo’s court filing to dismiss the case.