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Kevin Hart Car Crash Lawsuits Likely

On Labor Day weekend, Kevin Hart’s modified 1970 Plymouth Barracuda was in a major accident. The car ended up in a deep gully several feet off the road after it crashed through a fence. Rescuers had to saw off the car’s roof to reach the trapped occupants. Hart and Jared Black, the driver, were transported to the hospital for treatment of their injuries. The other passenger had minor injuries.

The comedian had three spine fractures and back surgery as a result. He’ll need a few months of physical therapy. Unfortunately, he has another challenge to face as a result of the crash.

Now Kevin Hart may be involved in two separate lawsuits: one against the company who made the car and one against Hart himself for not having enough safety equipment installed in the Barracuda.

Lawsuit Against Car Company

The Barracuda’s passengers are working on a lawsuit against Speedkore, the company that customized the car. Some experts believe that Hart and his passengers would have had much less severe injuries if the company had included better safety features.

Like many classic cars, Hart’s vehicle did not have safety harnesses or airbags. Some people believe that the company should have refused the job because it wasn’t safe or at least informed the actor that the rebuilt muscle car wasn’t safe.

Lawsuit Against Hart

Meanwhile, Jared Black is suing Hart, saying that the actor should have cared more about the safety of the vintage Barracuda than authenticity. Black believes that Hart should have requested the missing safety features and was negligent in not doing so.

Since Black was the one driving Hart’s car, he could also be held partly responsible, but the crash is still being investigated.

Many people get more advanced safety features when they upgrade a car, but there are few regulations or safety standards for modified cars. California is looking to add laws to improve vehicle safety features on all cars, no matter how old they are. This case could require classic car owners to adapt their cars to be safer, whether the owners want those features or not.