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Ruth Bader Ginsberg sitting in a chair

Supreme Court Justice RGB Hospitalized Again

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized again on Wednesday. The Justice, 87, has served for decades on the court. She is no stranger to being admitted for various ailments. This time around, she’s being treated over concerns with a gallstone. Ginsberg told reporters she expects to be in the hospital only for “a day or two.”

Earlier in the week, Ginsburg visited the doctor over discomfort. Doctors discovered that she had a gallstone that was blocking her cystic duct. Ginsburg developed an infection as a result of this blockage. According to reports, Ginsburg was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. Doctors expect the Justice to recover quickly.

Unique Circumstances

Normally, this circumstance would keep the Justice from hearing arguments in court. However, the court is currently hearing arguments over the telephone. The current court session is occurring over distance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This offers Ginsburg a unique opportunity to stay involved with the case while convalescing.

“The justice is resting comfortably and plans to participate in the oral argument teleconference tomorrow morning remotely from the hospital,” reads a court statement issued on Wednesday. Interestingly, the court is also allowing the public to listen in on the proceedings for the first time. As such, Ginsburg will have as much access to the session as the general public.

Ginsburg’s Health Not an Issue

The Justice has stated in the past that her health is not a concern. She told reporters at one point that she plans to stay on the Supreme Court until she’s at least ninety years old. That will be at least three years from now. Ginsburg is quite accustomed to being hospitalized. In the past, she’s fought off lung, colorectal, and pancreatic cancer.

Currently, the Supreme Court is made up of five Justices appointed by Republican presidents, and four appointed by Democrats. Current president Donald Trump has appointed two Justices to the court, tipping the previously balanced court in favor of conservative views.

Supreme Court Major Battleground

Despite being seen as an apolitical institution in the framing of the Constitution, the Supreme Court is a major political battleground. Since Justices serve for life, a huge initiative of any president involves getting their nominees to the court confirmed. Doing so can secure their legacy for long after their tenure in office.

Ginsberg has no plans to leave her seat behind. This means that, while Republicans have secured two seats on the highest court, they’re unlikely to score a third during Trump’s current term. This puts heavy pressure on the 2020 election for both Democrats and Republicans.